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Welcome to the VCS English Programme

The English speaking staff at VCS are a nationally diverse group who, side by side with their Thai colleagues, are committed to a modern system of teaching which encourages research, independent thought, and a questioning approach in the broad cultural arena that today’s young people grow up in.

The amount of knowledge we can access in this wired up world is huge, and although much information is available almost instantly, we feel it is vital to teach students to carefully evaluate what is presented to them since reliability can be a significant issue, not only online but in the traditional media of TV and the printed word.

We firmly believe that language is not something simply taught from a course book. Recent research and the first hand experience of working teachers has cast doubt on the effectiveness of the structured approach of many traditional course books, focussing instead on ways to motivate students to develop their language abilities in practical learning situations.

Our own VCS phonics programme is the foundation of the students’ English learning process since most language experts agree that this method is an essential component of building reading skills.

Naturally, we can’t do entirely without structure and use a range of top quality Oxford University Press material to support learning. Our reading programme employs the Oxford Reading Tree, regarded as one of the best courses in the world and currently used in almost twenty thousand UK primary schools. The equally effective Oxford Bookworms Library is utilised higher up the school. As a guide, about half students’ learning time is occupied with work from course books and the balance split equally between enjoyable reading and task based activities.

Finally, we believe that true cultural understanding is best served by real-life interaction and the student-teacher relationship is a natural and valuable starting point. Thai teachers are on hand to provide students of all levels with a culturally situated and sensitive viewpoint on many matters that may be raised during lessons.

We welcome parents’ feedback on all aspects of our courses: for how to get in touch see here.

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