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Varee Chiangmai School prides itself on its successful blend of international teaching methods with focus on creative thinking and well rounded knowledge plus the high standards of the Thai education system with its emphasis on Science, Maths and especially English, using the international assessment standards of the Common European Framework.

The Best of Both Worlds

Varee Chiang Mai School (VCS) is a school where students are given an education with international standards while also learning the importance of Asian values.

Asian Values at Varee Chiang Mai School

Students studying at Varee Chiang Mai School are part of a large community with a broad social and cultural mix. Through their friends, their teachers and the school's activities students learn about and experience at first hand the richness and diversity of Asian culture.

The school also promotes positive Asian values such as respect for seniors, respect for the family, the importance of celebrating and maintaining one's culture and heritage, the need for understanding and tolerance, a diligent work ethic and the pursuit of academic excellence.

This balanced mix of Asian Values with International Standards,
the best of both worlds, provides an effective foundation
for students to grow into well balanced young adults fully prepared
for the world of tomorrow.