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Kindergarten: the start of a child’s journey through life and the education system. Almost nothing is as important as these early years in developing a child's learning abilities and attitude to school life. Varee Chiangmai International School started solely as a kindergarten and the evolution of today’s school owes much to the outstanding success and popularity of its methods. Their vision statement: "A good start is the foundation of success" is taken very seriously and now the original kindergarten is the

VCS Kindergarten aims to prepare children between the ages of three and five for their first steps on the path to adulthood and includes areas such as:

  • Developing and monitoring their physical progress, health and welfare.
  • Teaching of personal hygiene and self help
  • Promoting self confidence, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Honouring Thai traditions and values
  • Respect for their community, family, teachers and surroundings.

Varee's holistic child-centred approach encourages learning in a happy and relaxed environment whilst never losing sight of the simple and essential value of constructive play. Social interaction with peers is also seen as a key skill, since establishing and maintaining friendships is such an important part of growing up.

In addition to the Kindergarten programme, there are opportunities to take part in extra curricula activities from English coaching by native speakers to performing in the highly acclaimed school musical and drama productions.

News & Activity Kindergarten

Fit and Firm Activity [ Kindergarten ]

  22 March - 9 April 2021
First Session of Kindergarten Summer School (3 Weeks)


   19 March Kindergarten 3 Graduation Ceremony (Afternoon) at 04:00 pm

Activity for seniors to teach juniors [ Kindergarten ]