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Teaching and Learning Process

Varee Chiangmai School intends to be the best of both worlds by integrating Western and Eastern teaching systems and aims to help students grow into lifelong learners by emphasizing on the importance of languages as tools for researchaccess to a variety of knowledge. We believe that this approach will support students in adjusting to new changes and encourage students to be open for different cultures. Our studentsare able to express themselves appropriately and creatively. They are also capable of thinking critically and solving various problems both for themselves and for their families by utilizing what they have learned with understanding. In addition, we have devised our own learning model called BEST where B is for Building Happiness; E is for Enhance Thinking; S is for Strive for Results; and T is for Towards a Better Society.Other highlights of our teaching and learning process are the introduction of various educational technologies, i.e., smartboards and learning media, and the integration of various subjects, that together helpstudents become experts in languages and cultures who receive accurate information with correct understandings.We provide classes from pre-school toupper-secondary education (Pre-kindergarten - Secondary 6).

The Basic Education Core Curriculum, Thailand

Three Programmes within this curriculum are provided:

  • Thai with English as a Second Language Programme (ESL) In this programme, students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English as a second language while integrate the use of the language with some subjects, for example, Mathematics and Sciences.
  • English Programme In this programme, the following subjects, except Thai Language and History, are taught in English by native-speaking teachers: Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies, English, Health and Physical Education, Career and Technology, and Arts. Please note that the English Programme is only available from Primary 1 - Primary 6.
  • Intensive English Programme : In this programme, lower-secondary students study English intensively with native-speaking teachers. Mathematics and Sciences are also taught by foreign teachers with appropriate qualifications. Upper-secondary students, on the other hand, learn English extensively with native-speaking teachers to prepare for higher education or future careers.

International Programme (IP)

  • Varee Chiangmai School has founded an international school in the name of Varee Chiangmai International School whichoffer International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from Year 1 - 6, with Cambridge Checkpoint for Year 7 - 9 and IGCSE and A-Level for Year 10 - 11and Year 12 - 13, respectively. Similar to the primary levels, our Early Years employ an IPC-based Curriculum. Moreover, all secondary curriculums are affiliated with Cambridge International Examination (CIE) which is respected by more than 500 universities around the world.