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Learning Approches

This comes in forms of activities to encourage lower-secondary students (secondary 1 - 3) to give students opportunities to learn vocational skills for the future according to their interests and aptitudes. In a way, these activities should help students select the right programmes for studying in the upper-secondary level. To enable that, starting from 2019, the school provides students additional vocational subjects which focuses on ten industries detailed in the Thailand 4.0 Development Plan (B.E. 2560 - 2579) and require them to learn at least six subjects, both the science-focused and art-focused subjects. The subjects are:

Science-focused Art-focused
1. Agriculture & processed agricultural products
2. Food Processing Product
3. Health & Medical Innovations
4. Mechanical Systems and Robots
5. Smart Devices and IoT
1. Web Development and Application Creation
2. E-Commerce
3. Tourism Industry
4. Performing Arts
5. Media Production