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Learning Approaches

The school utilizes resourced-based learning to provide students with opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere from learning materials and resources both on-site and in the local pr other communities learning network. In doing so, students are able to study with skillful and knowledgable teachers, both Thai and foreign, who will help create learning atmostphere that encourages students to learn happily. Moreover, teachers will assist students closely by integrating the content and knowledge with innovative teaching which will introduce students to new learning activities: Project-based Learning (PBL) and Team-based Learning (TBL).

Project-based Learning (PBL) is a form of learning activity that allows students to ask question about what interests them or to create work pieces or start projects and learn from brainstorming together. Students will learn to find answer by practicing, exploring, experimenting or inventing. By integrating academic aspects of various learning areas which students have learned, they can find answers and create new knowledge in matters that interest them and further build upon that. These activities will help promote students’ reading, writing, and arithmetic (3R) skills, as well as, develop their competencies in critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration (4C). Together, teachers and students will plan the activities for students to be able to self-learn and achieve the objectives.

Last but not least, for this academic year, 2019, Varee Chiangmai School has recognized the benefits of using iPad on students in organizing learning activities. Therefore, the school has launched the iPad for Education project that encourages all teachers to utilize iPad in their teaching to promote twenty-first century learning skills, namely 3R and 4C, in students; to provide enjoying and fun learning experiences by using iPad; and to develop teaching and learning processes with activities (Active Learning). This project has been collaborated by experts from Apple Inc. to provide assistance in organizing learning activities through various applications in order to further develop teachers’ technological skills.