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Primary section

The Primary Section is where most children get their first experience of "real school" and a taste of what is expected from them in the years to come. VCS believes that the secret of a successful and happy school (not to mention adult) life starts with learning how to learn, this being critical not only in the academic field but in the way we later interact with friends and colleagues in everyday life. Thus we focus on the development of learning skills, languages and the practical use of technology as it applies to research and problem solving. These are complimented by a strong grounding in the moral, spiritual and social skills that, combined with a good education and enquiring mind, help to make the rounded personality we want for our children. Last but not least, VCS emphasises and promotes the virtues of pride and tradition in all aspects of Thai citizenship.
Three distinct programmes are available at the Primary level, depending on ability of the student and their parent’s longer term educational goals. Details can be found here. Common to all programmes is a project based learning approach in which the students are encouraged to plan learning activities with their teacher and suggest subjects they are interested in studying. The teacher then devises a series of tasks and activities to help them investigate the topic and where possible integrates them with the national curriculum, often spanning several subject lessons in the process.

In addition, Varee Chiangmai School has devised its own learning model called BEST where

  • B is for Building Happiness - Learning and fun belong together and everything is done to build and maintain this link.
  • E is for Enhanced Thinking - We offer opportunities for the student to develop a high level of thinking skills, planning, problem solving and choosing one’s learning strategy.
  • S is for Strive for Results - An inquiring mind and developed learning skills are of little practical use without the motivation and enthusiasm to carry through and complete the tasks in hand. VCS students are encouraged to be self motivating and focussed in their approach to achieving their goals.
  • T is for Towards a Better Society - Applying and sharing knowledge in everyday life is expected of our students and enriches their contribution to family and community alike.

The "BEST" concept was acknowledged as a noteworthy objective statement by the Thai National Education Bureau in 2007.

Languages are taught using the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) framework in which a foreign language is used as a tool in the learning of a non-language subject. For example, the teaching of science or history in English allows the development of both subjects at once in an interesting and stimulating forum where students find improvement of their language skills comes naturally.

Primary section

The results of elementary school students

Honda Super Idea 2020 Portfolio The Opening key
Vandy Miss Zimo Yang
Grade 6 students, Varee Chiang Mai School

Honda Super Idea 2020 Portfolio Thermometer glasses
Aoey Miss Wareerat Nunthasukasem
Grade 5 students, Varee Chiang Mai School