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To encourage students to have psychological science. Can think and analyze                                                     Use technology as a tool for learning and creating new innovations                                                     Including creating the attitude of being an inventor Thinking and inventing with scientific principles                                                     To be the basis for advanced science education and internationalization

Principles of Programme

1. Is a curriculum that focuses on basic Science - Mathematics Education for students with characteristics of people with specific talents
2. Is a course that focuses on students who have psychological science There are principles and reasons. Problem solving and advanced analytical thinking
3. Is a course that focuses on promoting creative development Innovations in science and public mind


1. Enhance the ability of students who are skilled and interested in mathematical science to have knowledge Understanding of science principles in daily life Able to practice, experiment, search for answers by oneself
2. Cultivate the students to use scientific processes in their studies and research to become a habit
3. Develop learners to have knowledge The ability to use basic science, math, technology, and English to learn the subject matter of the curriculum. And additional special courses and more advanced experience in what to know Including the use of technology And English in communication To have the characteristics of a genius in science, mathematics