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The Curriculum's Objectives

  • Intelligence : to build learning skills consistently, be able to analyse and process their thoughts, rational thinking, think imaginatively with inspirations and to have self-awareness.
  • Language and technological skills : to build their English language and technological skills as tools of learning in order to keep up with the changing society.
  • Spirit : to work towards their moral thinking and to build their life skills and morality in accordance to moral teaching and sufficiency economy.
  • Maturity and Health : to work towards their maturity including good health and manners with aesthetic appreciation and to be able to live happily with others in harmony.
  • Social skills : to build their social skills, to pay respect to traditional lifestyles and persist in the constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy along with having caring thought of Thai language, arts and culture, Thai local wisdom and environment and have thoughts for others in the society.

Learning Objectives

  • Kindergarten : Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten 1 - 3 (4 Years)

    This level aims to properly develop students’ readiness in physical, emotional, psychological, social, and intellectual aspects. This allows students to adopt positive attitudes toward learning; develop concepts of morality and ethics; be able to happily live with others in the society; learn and grow to their fullest potential; acquire basic listening and speaking skills in English; and be ready for higher levels of education, all of which are fundamental to the success in their futures.
  • Primary : Primary 1 - 6 (6 Years)

    This level aims for students to acquire basic reading and writing skills in Thai so that they can use them as tools in their learning. It also works toward developing mathematical, thinking, communicational, social, and scientific skills that are fundamental for our lives. In addition, students learn to improve their qualities of lives and to find the balances in the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and cultural aspects through integrated classes which emphasize on listening, speaking, reading, and writing English, as well as, on using technology for learning. Lastly, this stage promotes music, art, health, and creative skills through fun learning activities.

  • Lower Secondary : Secondary 1 - 3 (3 Years)

    This level aims to help students discover their aptitudes and interests, as well as, develop collaborative learning skills, appropriate characteristics and personalities. It also promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking skills, as well as, the use of English, whether it is listening, speaking, reading, or writing in everyday life. Students learn how to live sufficiently; how to be responsible for the society, how to balance wisdom with virtue, how to be proud citizens who love their nation, religion, and king. They acquire scientific, mathematical, and technological skills which are important fundamental for further education in the upper secondary level and/ or for future careers.

  • Upper Secondary : Secondary 4 - 6 (3 Years)

    This level aims to provide additional knowledge, specific academic skills according to the students’ capabilities and interests in various subjects: Sciences, Mathematics, Technologies, English, Chinese, Thai, and Social Studies, to help them develop holistic ideas and concepts. It also intends to extend knowledge in specific fields, as well as, equipthe students with fundamental vocational, technological, and advanced thinking skills, which are beneficial for higher education and/ or future careers. Last but not least, this level plans to shape students in to complete persons who are moral, ethical, public-minded, and cosmopolitan.