It has ended. Varee IT Camp2022, which has been organized for the 17th time in a row, has 140 students from grades 1-4, can be called a camp that has been followed and has been waiting every year. 

   This year, Varee IT Camp is organized under the name of the activity Robot war III at Gassan Resort Panorama Golf Club for a period of 3 days from October 1-3, 2022. This year is a challenging activity in the style of a hackathon camp where students use their skills. ability both Hardskills and Soft skills from the development of mechanical arms to Lets work with robots that use coding skills with a micro:bit board. Students will also improve their working skills. creativity working and coexisting with others; management; time management. can be called complete Every skill that is important for 21st Century skills.

       Importantly, in this camp, besides having more than 10 teachers as lecturers, there are also special speakers who are seniors in secondary school years. 6 plans to study science - techno to teach children as well



       For those who missed out on this year's great event, wait for next year, hurry up to apply. Gained really valuable knowledge and experience.

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