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Current and Upcoming Activities of 2022

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- 20-24 December 2021 : Revision classes are held to prepare the students for the mid-term examination of 2/ 2021. On Friday afternoon, a Chrismas activity will be held for students with strict preventive measures in place. Children are encouraged to wear. "Color of Christmas"costumes.

- 27-29 December 2021 : Primary and Secoundary mid-term examination of 2/ 2021 are held, You are encouraged to examination schedule. Kindergarten students can also be picked up at the same time with their older sibling(s).Otherwise, kindergarten students will have normal classes and can be picked up at the usual time.

- 30 December 2021 - 3 January 2022 : New Year Break.

- 4 January 2022 : Student and Teachers return to school for on-site classes.

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