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Congratulations to the students who received prizes from the Chiang Mai Band Contest 2023.

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Congratulations to students

Chiang Mai Band Contest 2023, August 6, 2023 at 7:00 p.m.

                 Mr. Asani Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai, assigned Mr. Tai Rojratanachinda Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai Presided over the award ceremony to the winners of the Chiang Mai Band Contest 2023, an activity under the To Be Number One project in honor of Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya. Siriwattana Phannawadi To campaign to prevent and solve drug problems as well as encouraging young people and the public to use their free time to benefit by showing their talents in music


1st runner up with trophy
Evermore Band
1. Master Jun Yue Sema, 3rd grade SESL
2. Miss Nichakorn Intharapradit Grade 5 TECHNO
3. Mr. Pantakorn Wattanachantrakul M4techno
4. Mr. Teerat Sucharitajindanon M.4 IEP
5. Mr. Phuriphat Bunsinlapthai, Moo 4techno
6. Mr. Thanpisit Chantrasiri, Moo 4techno

3rd runner-up: Assure
1. Mr. Panyawat Mathatanyarat, M.5Sci1
2. Mr. Surayut Prayutto, M.5Sci1
3. Mr. Attakorn Supavadee, M.5Chi
4. Mr. Kan Nakmai, M.6IEP
5. Ms. Paweenada Wongisara, M.6Sci
4th runner-up: The River Band
1. Mr. Krittapas Wannarak, M.6Sci +​
2. Mr. Talan Wattanachantrakul M.6IEP
3. Mr. Noraphat Phrombutr, M.6 Techno​
4. Mr. Elvis Micotti 5 IDIP
5. Mr. Pran Daengsakul M.6 Techno​
Kantaphat Thapinta University
Asanee Mano Mueang University

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